What Is “Beyond Secure” Service?

All of our chauffeurs average 8-10 years of industry experience, yet we see the opportunity in our industry to provide additional security training to our chauffeurs and bring their craft to the next level.

These select chauffeurs receive additional security training by verified industry professionals. As a result it offers our clients a more prepared and security minded chauffeur.

Chauffeur Training

Chauffeurs were taught reaction time, recognition and response, time and distance perception, vehicle limits, lane change and avoidance. All that involves tactical and defense driving maneuvers.

While Regal Limo does not offer armed protective service, our Beyond Secure training covers the roles and responsibilities that a chauffeur partakes when servicing the client. This includes understanding the basic security principals of interacting with the general public. All the while observing and assessing the environment at hand looking for any potential security threat

All of the chauffeurs hold certifications in Adult First Aid, CPR and AED training provided by the American Red Cross. Our Beyond Secure vehicles are also equipped with first aid and security kits ready for any form of emergency.

ems training

Beyond Secure chauffeurs received training to improve their road skills and increase their awareness and attention to security details while transporting passengers.

We sent them to receive training from the most respected programs in the industry to perfect their maneuvering skills, security sense, and first aid capabilities.